a cluster of visionartists, archisigners & lightworkers on a soul-purpose quest to bridge dimensions and assist with planetary harmonics

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TOTEMS We design and build pillars for unified interaction between earth-plane and earthcore-to-sky channels, activating a shared focal point of omnidirectional energy fields.

GATES By opening portals between parallel dimensions and hyperspaces, we establish a link between the worlds. Site-specific or pop-up, either way we are integrating the gate into energetics of the space and allowing tunnel interaction with the observer.

TEMPLES Co-creating, building and powering dance temples are by far our most favorite missions. Activating such sacred places in a festival environment involves the wi(l)dest spectrum of multidisciplinary engagement.


LIGHT ENTITIES Generative creatures of light in form of realtime visuals and led light patterns. Trained at some of the most engaging festival dancefloors, to co-exist as sacred pixels in relation to live music or motion.


RITUALS Spiritual practices for re-centering and diving deeper.

CRYSTAGRIDS We offer a service of designing new and caring for existing spatial crystal grids. Enchancing the energetics of your space with intentionally chosen and programmed mineral connectors, protectors, cleaners and amplifiers.


PODCAST Conversations with soulnauts, artists, healers, lightworkers, astral travelers, lucid dreamers, ether benders, reality hackers and everyone who desires to share meaningful insights.

WORKSHOPS Knowledge to empower you.

TOOLS In our process we sometimes encounter challenges which require the use of specific tools. If they don't already exist in needed functionality, we always try to make them and share as open-source solutions.