TouchDesigner Beginner Workshop

András Nagy (XYZ) & Danijel Šivinjski (infimensions)

Designed for beginners with no or very little previous experience with TouchDesigner, this one-day workshop will help you kickstart your journey into new media world. Media artists András Nagy (XYZ) & Danijel Šivinjski (infimensions) have used TouchDesigner in various creatively and technically challenging projects for many years and are excited to share their knowledge through practical examples. Whether you are interested in live visual performance, projection mapping and interactive installations or you are simply looking for a visual rapid-prototyping environment to build your own custom systems, this workshop is for you. We will introduce you to the interface and cover the basics of device inputs and interactivity, generative textures and geometry, UI building and optimization.

Language: English
Number of participants: 15
Requirements: Participants should bring their own laptop with successfully installed and keyed TouchDesigner 099 and a three-button mouse. A minimum of 1GB GPU memory with the most recent drivers is recommended; to make sure please check the official system requirements.

Budapest | April 12, 2018 (ROM Festival)

Address: Müszi Közért, Izabella utca 29, 1074 Budapest
Registrations are closed!

Novi Sad | April 20, 2018

Address: Startit Community Bar, Miroslava Antića 2, 21000 Novi Sad
Registrations are closed!

Contact: info [at] / danijel [at]
Technical partners: Christie Digital and ZOOM MEDIA