Meditation practice in full absence of physical light and sound.

Withinaut is an Inner Space Flight Practice. It is giving yourself a break from all external happening, a complete sensory detox and calibration of your whole being, your physical body, your light body, your astral body, all of them coming back to center, re-connecting one breath at a time. Restore your sacred vessel, your bubble's shields and bring peace to every bit of your existence.

Questions, ideas, experience sharing: withinaut{at}infimensions.com


March 28, 2020, 10pm CET, duration 24-72h
April 4, 2020, 10pm CET, duration 24-72h
April 11, 2020, 10pm CET, duration 24-72h

* highest potential of the practice is its duration, but you can of course close it at any time sooner, as you feel
* if other dates, timings or durations work better for you, feel free to adjust them to your personal flow
* feel free to propose other dates or ideas via email


24-72 hours period might sound long, but as soon as you lose the sense of time that hopefully won't even matter. This practice is about resting, so don't force anything, be gentle with yourself and feel free to even fall asleep at any time if that is what your being calls for.
Since there is plenty of time to practice many different things as they come into your heartspace, here are a few ideas:

- Go with the flow and work with what comes into your space naturally, OR you can choose to intentionally work with for example Gaia consciousness, Dolphin consciousness or any other, such as your spirit animals and other guides.
- Answer inner callings that might appear.

- Send your awareness through your body sensing where are maybe some blocks or knots of energy, work with them to acknowledge them and open them as you shine light from your heart to those spots.

- Breathe in all that you are, breathe in the light from the source of all that is, AND breathe out all that you are not, all that doesn't serve you any longer, maybe an old fear program or anything else.
- Breathe in 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, breathe out 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds. If you feel comfortable with longer counts, go for it. You can as well experiment with longer inhale, and shorter exhale (for 'charging'), or vice versa (for 'releasing').

* feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and intentions via email


Finding or 'creating' a complete dark room
- Assure that not a single ray of physical light is entering your room. Which probably means fully blinding the windows, doors etc. with light-tight material (just curtains or blinds are most probably not enough).
- Switch off all light sources and/or devices that have lights.
- Make sure you have achieved full darkness in the room even after a few hours when the pupils are dilated. You can make a test before if possible.
* Blindfold over eyes could help but it is not comfortable for longer periods.

Being ready to leave the room but not 'break the darkness'
- Prepare a blindfold to fully cover the eyes for moments when you will need the bathroom. That is the only time you will leave the room, so leave the door open for some fresh air to come in while you are out.

Being ready to relax and lose time
- Prepare enough water and some 'light' food if you haven't decided to fast (fasting goes very well with this practice, but feeling hungry can be distrurbing to some).
- Put your phone in silent mode in such way that only your timer will be heard. When you are ready to start, set the timer to 24 or up to 72 hours, start it and put it away (for example in a drawer) to make sure it won't shine any light, but that you can hear the timer sound at the end of the practice.


- The idea is to start at night and finish the next night, 24-72h later, so that the eyes have a smoother entering and leaving the dark environment/setting.
- After a long period in darkness, when you decide to end the practice and come back to light, make sure to transition from dark to light very slow and gradually with the help of a blindfold.
- Allow your eyes to adopt to very little light first for a few minutes, take it easy, then slowly allow a tiny bit more light for a another few minutes and so on. Don't shock your eyes, but make small steps from dark to light.

Questions, ideas, experience sharing: withinaut{at}infimensions.com