My name is Danijel Ċ ivinjski and I am a nomadic artist exploring dimensions of light, sound, space and spirit. infimensions is my main project with a mission to channel visions from infinite dimensions of the multiverse (‘infiverse’) and challenge perceptions through ART & PODCAST.

ART is the medium of communication beyond vocabulary. It allows expression of the unexplainable. It builds bridges between the worlds. My creative journey started with photography when I was 11 years old and it further expanded across multiple disciplines including illustration, design, mixed media, projection mapping, art installations, performance and poetry.

PODCAST features conversations with soulnauts, artists, healers, lightworkers, astral travelers, lucid dreamers, ether benders, reality hackers and everyone who desires to share meaningful insights.

blind fields (art and meditation) and minhabit (tiny living) founder; HAF record label artist; lightworker and worshiper of all things natural, open and free; available universe-wide and fully open for new collaborations; among self-initiated projects, involved in festival and theatre productions. For a full list of performances and exhibitions please check

say hi: infimensions(at)gmail(dot)com
booking: headandfeet.mail(at)gmail(dot)com