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004 New Earth with Igor Drandić Raman

Coming up.

003 Healing Gaia with Marko Pogačnik

A conversation with UNESCO Artist for Peace and a great visionary Marko Pogačnik on multidimensionality of Gaia consciousness, lithopuncture, cosmograms, sacred geography and a bridge between the visible and the invisible, recorded at his garden in Šempas, Slovenia on May 15, 2018.

‘I don’t see the border between visible and invisible.’

002 A Bigger Story with Douwe van der Werf

A conversation with a positive change maker Douwe van der Werf about his project A Bigger Story recorded in Brussels on February 17, 2018. My overall feeling of the episode is that we made kind of a full orbit around the Earth where we could time travel and observe a zoomed out perspective through the lenses of our utopian spirits.

001 Ley Loosh, visionary artist

A conversation with visionary artist Ley Loosh recorded in London on December 14, 2017. ‘We learn through our experiences, habits and patterns. We are intelligent beings who can work out what is constructive and what is destructive just through observations and meditations. Loosh explores the magical powers and experiences of these things and expresses them in various forms of visual art.’