patreon launch

Dear Beloved,

I hope You are doing well and that The Universe is treating You nicely. As I was reflecting on all the life-changing experiences that brought me to the current state of being, I came up with some new long-term ideas that I am excited to share.

With desire to bring my art closer to You and engage in a deeper and more meaningful connection as a Tribe, on December 14, for the sake of synchronicity my 26th birthday, I will launch infimensions Patreon. I envision Patreon as a campfire for gathering our spirits and exchanging vibrations. In other words Patreon is about community and growing a relationship between Art Lovers and Art Creators – to learn more about it check this video. By doing this I made a choice to increase dedication of energy and time to Art and Giving. On the same day I will be recording the very first episode of the upcoming infimensions Podcast.

To continue the birthday tradition I will dedicate a deep 30 minutes meditation and send healing love-light energy to All of You. I am still practicing this technique and you are all invited to try it with me. To join and sync with the moment make sure you are laying down relaxed and open to receive, starting on December 14, 11:11am GMT (London time).

Thank You for Your Presence!

December 10, 2017