Seeds of Source

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, 2018

An art installation exploring the relationship between beautiful Diversity of (individual) Uniqueness and all-connecting Unity of (collective) Oneness. The main vision is to reflect those unique aspects of the individual inside the single unifying DNA-like totem of mirrors. With 288 round mirrors the installation invites and encourages reflections of oneself in a simplified representation of the “source” code – something that makes us all so unique, but yet so similar if not 99% identical at the genetic and many other levels. Essentially what we want to communicate is that “We are all seeds of the same source” as well as that DNA is the seed planted inside every living creature carrying the code from the source.

“Part of my transformative journey brought a strong realisation, a vision, that by looking into the mirror we can experience oneness in our own eye(s). In other words it is like we are letting one consciousness self-realize itself through reflection. I truly feel it and am dedicating my energy to express it in the most simple way possible through a form that everyone can interact with.” (D.Š.)

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