My name is Danijel Šivinjski and I am a nomadic artist exploring dimensions of light, sound, space and spirit; lightworker and worshiper of all things natural, open and free. infimensions is my visionary art and podcast project. Through a calling to challenge perceptions and channel visions from infinite dimensions of the Multiverse (‘Infiverse’), I am mainly expressing in form of generative visuals, projection mapping and art installations.

VISUALS : Honored and conscious of sacred responsibility to visually fuel tribal dance rituals, I am devoted to providing and intently directing stimuli for transformative extrasensory experiences. Recognized for minimal psychedelic (op art) aesthetics and building my own custom live setups, my big interest is in creating real-time generative visuals as living light entities which – in other words – have their own life on stage.

ART : The medium of communication beyond vocabulary. It allows expression of the unexplainable. It builds bridges between the worlds. My creative journey started with photography when I was 11 years old and it further expanded across multiple disciplines including art installations, design, illustration, film, performance and poetry.

PODCAST : Conversations with soulnauts, artists, healers, lightworkers, astral travelers, lucid dreamers, ether benders, reality hackers and everyone who desires to share meaningful insights.

available universe-wide and fully open for new collaborations

visuals, art, podcast, general: danijel [at]
visuals (booking): headandfeet.mail [at]